We seek to provide a loving, Christ-centered environment that engages the hearts and minds of our kids and youth. We're committed to helping parents raise families with a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Infants (birth to 24 months) & Toddlers (2 year olds)

We provide infant and toddler nursery care for the littlest attenders in all services. Your children are your most precious gift, and we care for them as such. SalemKIDS staff is comprised of qualified and loving caregivers selected through a standardized screening process.

3's - 5's

3-5 year olds at Salem gather during each service for an age-appropriate time of learning Bible stories. The children are taught lessons drawn from the Old and New Testaments. They are actively engaged in prayer, singing worship songs, playing fun games, doing arts and crafts, and learning foundational Scripture verses.

KIDS Worship (Grades K-5)

Every week in KIDS Worship (Grades K - 5), children are challenged to live God's way. Kids are checked in before the start of the service in the gym for a special time of corporate worship, followed by learning together and spending time God's Word in small groups.  Small groups are assigned according to your child's grade with well-equipped leaders. The children are actively engaged in prayer, reading the Bible, and learning Scripture, all while having fun and developing lasting relationships with their group members and leaders.

All children from infants to Grade 5 must be checked in.

When you arrive at church on Sunday, check-in your child 15 minutes before the service at one of the SalemKIDS check-in stations located in the PreK/K Room or in the Gym.  You will get a sticker nametag for your child, along with a matching parent tag with a unique 3-digit number code. When you pick up your child, you may be asked to present your tag to match your child’s number.  Have your matching parent tag ready at pick-up to avoid delay. Child safety is our priority—thanks for understanding!